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Dallas Post-Hard-Stoner-Sex-Core


released March 9, 2015

Phillip Odom, Ty Vaughn, Chance Paramore and Calib Weaver, Doug, Bryan, Matt, Seeker and Hollow Point.



all rights reserved


NULL Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Half-Breed
Love is not enough, and you hate too much. Overthinking is a mutual crutch. An old cassette, nothing to put it in, and I want nothing to do with it.

So just bleed for me.

You think you know, the weight of the words you speak? You're a child and you've never said a thing. I'm not scared, if that's what you think, I know you don't practice what you preach.

So just bleed for me.

I never got a chance to hide. My body stood there in plain sight but I was never one to get things right.
A prophet no longer pure, a heart rotting with remorse, labeled nothing more, you don't strive for anything more.
Track Name: Asunder
I always knew that you would end up in my bed, from the night that you were throwing cups and flirting with my friends. i get what I want, even if I have to wait, and you were touching on my fingers in the sweetest way.

But you look like you want to get away.

Make it even, and go to your room. She said she's and I'll let her soon.

I can't untie the strings that hold your mind.

So do you want to get away, or am I stuck with my mistake?
Track Name: Kin to None Pt. 2
A heart attack, 39 and never coming back. False hope, you faked your way through building house and home. Can you feel? Have you ever been taken away from your whole life? Another world, supposedly I'm better now.

Is it hard? Do you miss the boy you raised? At least I'm trying to be happy. Have you had your fill? Did taking your flesh, your blood make you real? Or are you choking on the thought.

I can't heal your burning body. And track marked arms, they fear nobody.

What if I was just too scared to say, that you were what made me this way? And out of all the things that I could forget, why couldn't it be this?

Am I someone that you'd like to know?
I'm dying to know
Track Name: Every Only Child
It's not fair to watch you sleep away your worry lines. Is it true? Am I wrong? Is there something that I've missed here? Well I'll wait here in this room forever, just hoping that you're getting better. The same thing is eating your body again.

Hang my head in shame, while you're states away.

Well my first steps were useless, set me up to fall again, and I've got two older sisters, and I'm an only kid. I grew up thinking there was good in the world, that everyone had someone they were waiting for. No one ever told me what I thought was wrong so I quit my job just to write these songs.

What's the point of getting old if you don't grow?

Every dollar that I stole, every drunken night I drove, what if I never made it home?
Track Name: Piss
Piss drunk at the crack of noon. All I told you was I'd be there soon. You don't have to keep tabs like I do, or like I've been.

I can stop myself. Turn my head and look at anyone else. Your voice is softer now, I'll eat the flame and spit hell back in your mouth.

I had to stop myself. The only thing I knew to bring you back and keep you well. Are you doing fine? Just stop me if my fingers start to get out of line.

Don't untie me now. I'd give it all up for a day at our house, playing risky games. With your heart on the line, with my sanity.

It's not really dead, you just found other ways to get around my head.
And it's the softest thing, when I can feel you're here, but I cannot see.

I had to stop myself, couldn't take the waiting so I blamed it on my health.
I don't need someone else. A man can dream but I'll never be this close.

You left my head a mess. I'm alone and pissed.